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Dive into the world of feline fun and witty humor with our roundup of Garfield Books. From classic collections to newly released titles, we’ve gathered the best Garfield books to keep you laughing and entertained all day long. Get ready to explore the mischievous adventures of everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving cat in our Garfield Books article.

The Top 17 Best Garfield Books

  1. Complete Works: Garfield Vol. 2 (1980–1981) — Hardcover Book — Discover the world of Garfield with the comprehensive “Garfield Complete Works: Volume 2: 1980 & 1981” — a must-read collectible for fans of the beloved lasagna-loving cat.
  2. Garfield Complete Works Vol. 1: Rare Archival Material and Intro by Creator Jim Davis — Relive the humorous adventures of Garfield with this inaugural volume, filled with rare archival material and an introduction by creator Jim Davis, showcasing the beloved lasagna-loving cat’s journey through the years.
  3. Garfield Treasury: Weekend Wackiness Adventures — Dive into the weekend shenanigans of everyone’s favorite lazy feline with Ninth Garfield Treasury, featuring colorful comics and 120 pages of pure Garfield fun!
  4. Classic Garfield Comic Strip Collection — Step into the world of comedy with Garfield: an irresistible collection of larger-than-life comic strips that bring the whimsical misadventures of our beloved feline Garfield, Jon, Odie, and more straight to your living room.
  5. Garfield’s Adventure: 19th Collection of Comical Tales — Embark on an amusing adventure with Garfield as he explores the farm, gets lost, and takes a nap in his nineteenth star turn in this Paperback book published by Random House USA Inc.
  6. Garfield’s Humorous Adventures: Paperback Book for Cat Lovers — Get ready for laughs and chortles with this hilarious collection of Garfield adventures! Complete with 128 pages of witty humor, don’t miss out on the chance to join the lovable and plump cat on his quest for mischief and feasting fun.
  7. Garfield’s Sassy Says: Witty Insults and Put-Downs Collectible — Garfield, the witty feline, shares his collection of humorous insults, clever put-downs, and delightful slams in this entertaining and relatable 1994 book.
  8. Garfield’s Comical Collection: A Feast of Humor — Tap into Garfield’s comical world of mischief with the lighthearted paperback collection from Random House USA Inc. — perfect for all ages and occasions!
  9. Classic Garfield Bigger and Better eBook — Feast your eyes on the classic comedy of Garfield Bigger and Better, where the loveable cat and his eternal quest for food remain as entertaining as ever!
  10. Garfield Treasury Book Collection — Embark on a hilarious adventure with GARFIELD in this full-color, non-stop comedy journey! Experience a treasure trove of laughs and snacks, all accompanied by expertly illustrated comic strips.
  11. Garfield Eats Crow: Mischief and Mayhem in Comics — Get ready for giggles and mischief with Garfield Eats Crow, a delightful paperback book perfect for cat lovers and holiday gifting!
  12. Vintage Garfield Book Cover Collection — Embrace the humorous world of Garfield with this timeless classic, now available in a refurbished condition for avid fans.
  13. Garfield’s Judgment Day: The Battle Against Deadly Storm — Garfield’s Judgment Day” is a thrilling, suspenseful tale where the resourceful and quick-witted feline faces a deadly storm and works against the clock alongside other pets to save his human friends!
  14. Garfield’s Hilarious Adventures: Cake Edition — Join the mischievous feline in a whirlwind of adventure as he falls in love, gets tangled up in feathers, and narrowly escapes a pound in this classic Garfield tale.
  15. The Ultimate Guide to Feline Friendly Cat Names by Garfield — Unlock the world of hilarious cat names with Garfield’s definitive guide, ensuring your feline companion avoids embarrassment and stands proud in the back alleys!
  16. Garfield Pick of the Bunch” Book — Experience the timeless humor of Garfield with this classic paperback book from the beloved Pocket Books series. Great for collectors and fans of all ages!
  17. Garfield Fat Cat Triple Pack Book Series — Discover Garfield’s outrageous adventures in “Fat Cat Three Pack” by Davis Jim, now in a paperback format — the perfect companion for cat lovers and fun-seekers alike!As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Complete Works: Garfield Vol. 2 (1980–1981) — Hardcover Book


It’s hard not to love Garfield, the lasagna-craving cat who has captured our hearts for decades. And with the Garfield Complete Works: Volume 2, 1980 & 1981, fans can now immerse themselves in even more of his feline adventures.

The collection, part of a hardback series by Random House USA Inc, makes for a great addition to any Garfield enthusiast’s library. With 320 pages packed with nostalgia and laughs, it’s a delightful journey through Garfield’s mischievous antics.

It’s not just a treat for old-time fans, though. New readers will appreciate the introduction to this lovable, lasagna-loving character. The high-quality hardback binding ensures that the pages turn smoothly, making it a joy to read.

However, one minor drawback could be the size of the book. It might be a bit too large for some cozy reading spots. But with that said, it certainly adds to the overall experience of owning a complete collection.

In conclusion, the Garfield Complete Works: Volume 2, 1980 & 1981 offers an enjoyable read and an excellent addition to any Garfield fan’s collection.

Garfield Complete Works Vol. 1: Rare Archival Material and Intro by Creator Jim Davis


As a cat-loving book enthusiast, I couldn’t resist diving into the first volume of Garfield’s Complete Works, featuring the comic strips from 1978 and 1979. The hardback binding gives the book a sturdy feel, making it a perfect addition to my book collection. The artwork is exquisitely detailed, capturing each character’s unique personality.

The introduction by the creator, Jim Davis, provides fascinating insights into Garfield’s inception and rise to fame. As I flipped through the pages, I couldn’t help but appreciate the nostalgia that arose from reading these comics that have been a part of my childhood. While the book’s content may appeal more to longtime fans, new readers will also find plenty to love in this captivating collection of Garfield’s early adventures.

Garfield Treasury: Weekend Wackiness Adventures


As a book lover who enjoys a good laugh, I couldn’t resist giving Ninth Garfield Treasury by Jim Davis a try. Being a fan of Garfield, I was excited to see some of his weekend wackiness compiled in a single volume. The paperback binding was sturdy, making it perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The full-color comics throughout the book added to the overall enjoyment. It was nice to see Garfield’s classic antics on vibrant pages. However, I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed by the number of pages, as it felt a little short for its price.

Overall, Ninth Garfield Treasury provides a fun and entertaining read for Garfield fans. Its vibrant comics and sturdy binding make it an excellent addition to any comics collection.

Classic Garfield Comic Strip Collection


Living with Garfield can be quite the adventure, as this entertaining comic strip collection proves time and time again. I still remember the delightful chuckles and the occasional belly laughs that filled my living room as a child with this book.

While the size has changed since my childhood days, the allure of the feisty feline and his mischievous antics in his tenth collection of comic strips has only grown. With memorable characters like Jon, Odie, and other eccentric friends, this book is sure to bring a smile to anyone who has ever shared a home with a mischievous cat.

Garfield’s Adventure: 19th Collection of Comical Tales


Garfield Rounds Out. Ah, the lovable orange cat with the snarky attitude. I remember growing up with Garfield in my comic strip, always causing trouble for his owner, Jon, and often taking long naps. This collection takes us through Garfield’s many adventures, from the farm to the wilderness, and introduces us to the rest of the gang. It’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane for those who grew up with Garfield and a great way to introduce him to the younger generation.

Binding type is paperback, easy to hold and read, just like Garfield’s owner, Jon, might do during a lazy Sunday. The publisher, Random House USA Inc, certainly knows how to put together a quality book. The year was 1988, it’s amazing to see how popular and relevant Garfield still is today.

The book has 188 pages, filled with comics that will have you laughing and groaning in equal measure. It’s a joy to revisit old favorites and discover new ones in this collection. The only downside, as with most books, is the wear and tear it undergoes over time. But if you take good care of this one, it should last for years to come.

Garfield’s Humorous Adventures: Paperback Book for Cat Lovers


Garfield, the lovable and food-loving cat, returns in another lighthearted romp. This book from Random House USA Inc, published in 2000, features 128 pages of Garfield’s antics, including his humorous take on daily life, poking fun at Jon and Odie’s adventures, and his insatiable appetite for pork skins.

The paperback binding makes it a perfect addition to any cartoon lover’s collection. While the book itself is a delight, some readers may find the humor a bit too lighthearted and predictable. Nonetheless, Garfield continues to bring joy and laughter to all who read his adventures.

Garfield’s Sassy Says: Witty Insults and Put-Downs Collectible


As a cat lover and avid reader, I couldn’t help but give Garfield’s Insults, Put-Downs, and Slams a try. With its cheerful cover art and lighthearted tone, I figured it’d be a delightful read. I wasn’t wrong.

This book, published in 1994 by Random House USA Inc, is filled with the cat’s signature sarcastic wit. From good-natured mockery to purr-fect put-downs, you can’t help but laugh out loud as you read through all these zingers.

What stood out was the clever writing style. Each entry feels like an amusing interaction that anyone who’s ever had a pet cat can relate to. However, the use of smaller font size in some sections did make it slightly harder to read at times.

All in all, it’s a charming addition to any coffee table or bookshelf, especially for cat enthusiasts and those who appreciate a good dose of humor. So, if you’re in need of a light, fun read, Garfield’s Insults, Put-Downs, and Slams is just the right book to brighten your day.

Garfield’s Comical Collection: A Feast of Humor


Garfield Tips the Scales: A Classic Collection.

Imagine diving into a book filled with pages of laughter and mischief, where a mischievous feline with a love for lasagna takes center stage. That’s the pleasure Garfield Tips the Scales brings. This paperback book from the publisher, Random House USA Inc, published in 1999 is a delightful collection of comics.

One of the highlights of this book is the number of pages it contains — 128. That means once you dive in, you’re in for a treat. The binding type, paperback, is another feature customers appreciate, as it offers a solid and sturdy feel.

Reviewers have been praising this classic collection, with the first mentioning, “I loved these books when I was a kid so I got a few for our 7-year-old son. He loves them. They’re the first books he reads completely on his own. Very happy with this purchase! “ The second one echoes the sentiment, “Awesome find! Hard to find a classic from my youth. I got it for my Garfield loving 8-year-old daughter. It’s such an excellent purchase. Just as described, I couldn’t be happier. “

This book is a fantastic addition to your family’s library, providing ample entertainment and laughter. Its longevity is a testament to the timeless charm of Garfield. It’s not just a book, but a companion that offers a daily dose of fun.

Classic Garfield Bigger and Better eBook


When I stumbled upon the Garfield eBook, I couldn’t resist diving into the world of this mischievous cat. I quickly discovered the timeless charm of Garfield’s big personality and insatiable appetite for adventure and food. The book is brimming with delightful stories of Garfield devouring scrumptious snacks, plotting sneaky strategies to get more, and causing a fair share of trouble along the way.

One aspect I really appreciated was that the eBook has managed to maintain the original essence of the classic Garfield comic strip. His love for lasagna and other tasty treats never fades, and his antics continue to make readers laugh out loud. However, I also found that the eBook could be overwhelming at times, with too many stories packed together in one place.

Overall, I would highly recommend this eBook for anyone seeking a lighthearted and entertaining read, especially fans of the original Garfield comic strip. As one satisfied reader put it, “omg garfield is the best, “ and I couldn’t agree more!

Garfield Treasury Book Collection


Garfield Treasury: A book filled with humorous mischief! . I instantly fell in love with the whimsical illustrations, which brought a smile to my face. Each page was filled with comic strip hilarity, keeping the fun vibes rolling.

However, the book’s condition was slightly worn down, indicating that it had been cherished by previous owners. With a bit of age and wear, it’s still perfectly usable and worth the giggles.

This book is undoubtedly a treasure of laughter.

Garfield Eats Crow: Mischief and Mayhem in Comics


As someone who grew up with the mischievous feline, Garfield Eats Crow is a delightful trip down memory lane. I loved how it combined the classic Garfield comics with the quirky humor that fans have come to enjoy.

With a paperback binding, it’s easy to take on holiday trips or toss it in your beach bag. The 96 pages are perfect for casual reading or a relaxed evening.

The publishing company, Random House USA Inc, has a great reputation for producing quality books, and this one is no exception. However, be warned — it may cause a few chuckles in public places! .

Vintage Garfield Book Cover Collection


I recently stumbled upon the Garfield Book Cover Book and decided to give it a try. As a fan of Garfield, I was eager to see how the book would look with this unique and eye-catching cover. The first thing that caught my attention was the vibrant orange and black design, featuring everyone’s favorite grumpy cat.

The cover is made from high-quality, durable materials that made me feel confident that it would protect the book from any potential damage. One feature that stood out to me was the sturdy hinge that allowed the cover to lay flat and securely close, making it perfect for use on the go.

However, there was a minor issue I noticed when handling the book. Although the cover itself is smooth, it tended to catch on my fingers as I turned the pages, which was slightly annoying at times.

Overall, the Garfield Book Cover Book is a fun and practical addition to any Garfield fan’s collection. The eye-catching design, protection it provides, and durability make it a worthwhile investment.

Garfield’s Judgment Day: The Battle Against Deadly Storm


Garfield’s Judgment Day, an intriguing and thrilling book in the Garfield series, grabs hold of your attention from the very beginning. With its paperback cover, you’ll be greeted by the iconic feline Garfield, ready to embark on a thrilling adventure to save the world.

This captivating tale, published by Random House Inc, takes you on a rollercoaster ride filled with suspense and intrigue as Garfield rallies together the pets of the town in their desperate bid to warn the humans about the brewing storm.

Standing as a testament to Garfield’s resourcefulness, this 460-page novel captivates with its 5.0-star rating and numerous glowing reviews from its fans. While the book has its fair share of lighthearted moments, it also delves into darker territories, challenging Garfield and his friends in their quest to avert a disaster.

The book’s ending, much like a rollercoaster ride, leaves you wanting more. Garfield’s Judgment Day is an unforgettable adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and it’s one of those beloved stories that will become a part of your life.

Garfield’s Hilarious Adventures: Cake Edition


Garfield Takes the Cake, a whimsical paperback novel by Random House USA Inc, first hit the shelves back in 1982. The book boasts a petite 128-page count, making it a perfect read for those wanting to experience the lovable cat Garfield’s adventure in one swift sitting.

I recently had the pleasure of curling up with this delightful book. Garfield, in all his furry glory, meets a long-lost relative and falls in love! Not just any ordinary love, but a head-over-tail, heart-melting one. But wait, things heat up even more when a duck gets in the mix. In their quest to escape, our beloved cat finds himself tangled up in the city pound.

One refreshing aspect of the story was the playful tone, reminiscent of Garfield’s popular comic strips. The adventures were light-hearted and filled with humorous twists. However, the lack of in-depth character development left me wanting a bit more interaction with Garfield’s world.

Overall, Garfield Takes the Cake is a delightful read with a touch of nostalgia. While it might not be groundbreaking, it’s the perfect pick for those looking to unwind and immerse themselves in the charming universe of the orange-haired feline.

The Ultimate Guide to Feline Friendly Cat Names by Garfield


The Garfield Book of Cat Names is a delightful read for cat enthusiasts, providing a comical yet insightful guide to naming your furry friend. As a cat owner myself, I found the variety of name categories, from unisex options to those best avoided, to be quite entertaining. The paperback binding also adds to the overall appeal of the book, making it a great option to have on hand when deciding on the perfect name for your beloved pet.

However, I must admit that some of the suggestions were a bit outlandish, like “Ordinary People’s Names Suitable for Cat Use. “ Nonetheless, it’s a fun and lighthearted way to approach the task of naming your cat, and I’d recommend it to fellow cat lovers looking to add a bit of humor to their daily lives.

Garfield Pick of the Bunch” Book


As a fan of Garfield, I couldn’t resist picking up this book when I saw it at my local bookstore. With its familiar cover featuring the lovable orange cat, I knew I had to get it home and dive into the world of Garfield again. This book is part of the Garfield Pocket Books series, and it’s clear that the series is well-loved by many, as it’s filled with fun illustrations and heartwarming stories.

Despite being published in 1994, the content still holds up, and I found myself laughing at the humor in the pages. However, I did notice that some of the humor might be considered a bit outdated by today’s standards, but it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book. The paperback binding is sturdy and feels great in my hands, which means it will easily hold up to regular use.

Overall, this book is a delightful addition to any Garfield fan’s collection, and it’s a perfect way to escape from the everyday and immerse yourself in some lighthearted fun.

Garfield Fat Cat Triple Pack Book Series


This Garfield Fat Cat Three Pack by Davis Jim is a charming addition to any Garfield fan’s collection. As a cat lover myself, I appreciate the silliness that this series brings. The paperback binding is durable, making it perfect for frequent readers like me. The publisher, Random House USA Inc, has a good track record of producing quality books.

However, I did notice that the 192 pages in this three-pack are getting a bit dog-eared from frequent use. It’s still a fun read, but I think it’s time for a new set. Overall, this Garfield Fat Cat Three Pack is a delightful treat for any Garfield fan, but I wouldn’t mind a slightly sturdier version.

Buyer’s Guide

Garfield books offer a light-hearted and humorous perspective on everyday life through the eyes of the infamous lasagna-loving cat. If you’re in the market for some fun reads that incorporate this iconic character, our buyer’s guide will help you navigate the diverse range of Garfield books available.

Important Features

Publisher and Author


Look for books published by Paws Inc. , the official publisher of Garfield merchandise. Created by cartoonist Jim Davis, Garfield books are known for their distinctive style and witty humor, which have earned them a dedicated fan base worldwide.


Choose from a variety of genres, such as comics, kids’ books, cookbooks, or gift books. Garfield books cater to readers of all ages, making them a versatile choice for any book lover.

Age Appropriateness

Check the age range or content of the book before purchasing to ensure it suits your intended recipient. While many Garfield books are suitable for kids, some have more mature themes or language tailored for an older audience.


Select the book format that best suits your needs, such as hardcover, paperback, or e-book. Some Garfield books are part of a series, so consider whether you’d like to dive into a continuing story or enjoy standalone books.



Reading Level

Consider the reading level of the person you are buying the book for, as this will help you choose a book that is appropriate and fun to read.

Gift Presentation

If you’re purchasing a book as a gift, consider whether it comes with a special presentation or packaging. A nice wrapper, envelope, or box can make the difference between an average gift and a thoughtful one.



Read Reviews

Before making a purchase, read reviews from other buyers to gauge the quality of the book and any potential issues you should be aware of.

Visit the Official Garfield Website

For the most accurate and up-to-date information about Garfield books, visit the official Garfield website at www. garfield. com. You can find a comprehensive selection of books, author bios, and other related resources.

Explore Other Garfield Merchandise

Consider browsing other Garfield merchandise to find complementary items, such as t-shirts, calendars, or mugs, that can enhance the enjoyment of owning a Garfield book.



What are Garfield Books?

Garfield Books are a collection of books that feature the famous Garfield comic strip by Jim Davis. These books cover various topics and themes, such as humorous tales, adventures, and educational materials.

Who is Garfield?

Garfield is a cartoon character created by Jim Davis and first appeared in 1978. He is a curmudgeonly orange cat who lives with his owner, Jon Arbuckle, and their dog, Odie. The comic strip has become an international phenomenon and is now printed in over 1,900 newspapers across 68 countries.

What types of Garfield Books are available?


There are various types of Garfield books, including:

  • Graphic novels: These books present humorous stories in a comic format, featuring Garfield’s adventures and exploits.
  • Children’s books: These books cater to a young audience, featuring Garfield and his friends in age-appropriate stories.
  • Educational books: These books use Garfield’s antics as a means to teach children about important topics like science, history, and geography.

Who is the target audience for Garfield Books?

Garfield Books cater to a wide range of audiences, including children, young adults, and fans of comic strips and humorous literature.

What are some popular Garfield Books?

Some popular Garfield books include:

  • Garfield: The Classic Comics, Vol. 1–3
  • Garfield: 25th Anniversary Collection
  • Garfield’s Fun-Filled Field Trip
  • Garfield and the Mysterious Smeetonburg

Where can I find Garfield Books?

Garfield Books can be found at most major bookstores, online retailers, and through Jim Davis’ official website, where you can also purchase autographed copies.

Are there any upcoming Garfield Books?

To stay updated on upcoming Garfield books, visit Jim Davis’ official website, sign up for their newsletter, or follow Garfield’s social media pages to receive announcements and release dates.

Can I read Garfield Books online?

Yes, some Garfield books are available as e-books or can be read online through digital retailers such as Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, and Apple Books.